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The industrial and manufacturing sector faces a unique set of cybersecurity challenges, partly due to its heavy reliance on automated and networked technologies.

Key problems companiesĀ face

IoT vulnerability

IoT devices for data collection and automation, yet they also represent potential entry points for malicious actors.

Data theft

Industrial espionage and intellectual property theft pose significant threats to manufacturing companies.

Complexity of network infrastructure

Injecting malicious code into e-commerce websites or point-of-sale systems to steal credit card data during purchases.

Social engineering and phishing

Employees can become targets for attacks, leading to unauthorized access to corporate networks.

Internal threats

The threats posed by employees with access to critical systems and data require attention to access management and user activity monitoring.

Cloud service security

The transition to cloud and hybrid infrastructures presents new challenges for security, requiring new approaches to data and application protection.

Cyber Threat Trends

Incident frequency:

Research indicates that over 30% of industrial enterprises face cyberattacks monthly, with many dealing with the consequences for extended periods.


Security analysis of industrial control systems has revealed that over 70% of vulnerabilities can be exploited from within the local network, highlighting the need for enhanced internal security measures.

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Our solutions for Manufacturing

Operational Technology (OT) Protection

Solutions for safeguarding OT and SCADA systems: implementing specialized solutions to protect production process control systems and ensure the security of critical infrastructure.

Network Security

  • Network segmentation and micro-segmentation: creating secure zones in the network infrastructure to minimize the risks of threat propagation.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS): continuous monitoring of network traffic to detect and prevent suspicious activity.

Data and Information Protection

  • Data encryption: deploying solutions for encrypting data stored and transmitted between systems and devices.
  • Access management and identification: developing access management policies based on roles using strong authentication and access control.

Incident Monitoring and Response

  • Security Operations Centers (SOCs): setting up and maintaining security monitoring centers for continuous system observation and rapid incident response.
  • Incident response and attack recovery plans: developing and testing cyber incident response procedures and recovery plans.

Employee Training

Security training programs: conducting regular training and phishing attack simulations for employees at all levels.

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