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Application Security Assessment

Meticulous examination of your applications, encompassing everything from cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications. We delve into the intricate details of business logic and implementation, identifying vulnerabilities to safeguard your digital assets.
Application Security Assessment is a specialized service focused on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within applications of all types, including:
Сloud solutions
Embedded systems
Mobile applications
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Our approach involves an in-depth examination of both business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities, ensuring a thorough safeguarding of your application ecosystem.

Comprehensive Assessment Strategies

The scope of application security assessments can differ based on the organization, the type of applications it utilizes, or the specific industry it serves. Generally, such assessments involve identifying possible threats, pinpointing the vulnerable areas within your application, assessing the weaknesses in your current application security procedures, and developing a strategy to enhance the overall security stance of your application.

Comprehensive analysis

A thorough examination of your applications to identify security vulnerabilities and business logic errors.

Customized testing

Identifying potential threats and attack vectors specific to your organization.

Vulnerability analysis

Tailored assessments for different types of applications, whether they are cloud-based, embedded systems, or mobile apps.

Advanced vulnerability scanning

Utilizing state-of-the-art tools to detect vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and other common threats.

Manual penetration testing

Supplementing automated scans with manual testing to uncover complex vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss.

Code review

Conducting in-depth reviews of source code for security weaknesses and compliance with best coding practices.

Risk assessment and prioritization

Evaluating the severity of identified vulnerabilities and providing a prioritized list for remediation.

Reporting and remediation

Offering comprehensive reports on findings and actionable recommendations for mitigating identified risks.

Cost of breach

“Security today announced the results of a global study which found that data breaches now cost surveyed companies $4.24 million per incident on average – the highest cost in the 17-year history of the report...”

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Assessment Coverage

Our role extends beyond detecting vulnerabilities and providing a report. As a company specializing in application security, we aim to help you understand the findings and take corrective measures.

We ensure this by providing extensive evidence, clear steps for reproducing the issues, and detailed guidance on remediation. The scope of our application security assessments encompasses various issue categories, which include, but are not limited to:

Authentication & Authorization
Data in Transit & at Rest
Session Handling
Information Disclosure
Misconfiguration Issues
Logic Flaws
Client-Side Issues
Injection Flaws

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Why you need app security assessment

Protect sensitive data

Applications often handle sensitive data; identifying vulnerabilities helps prevent data breaches and loss.

Maintain application integrity

Ensuring your applications are secure from attacks maintains their integrity and reliability.

Compliance with standards and regulations

Many industries have specific security standards and regulations for applications, which our assessments help you meet.

Avoid financial and legal issues

Security breaches can lead to significant financial losses and legal ramifications.

Build trust with users

Demonstrating a commitment to application security builds trust with your users and customers.

Stay ahead of threats

Regular assessments help you stay ahead of emerging security threats and adapt to the evolving digital landscape.

Other services

Discover a suite of additional cybersecurity solutions tailored to enhance and complement your security posture, creating a resilient, multi-layered defense against cyber threats.

Penetration testing

Practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios that allow an attacker to bypass security measures in your corporate network and gain high privileges in important systems.

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Application security assessment

In-depth search for business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any type, from large cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment systems security assessment

Comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software components of various payment systems, identification of potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can lead to manipulation of financial transactions.

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ICS security assessment

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability assessment of industrial control systems and their components, providing an understanding of the existing attack surface and the corresponding impact of potential attacks on business.

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Intelligent technologies and safety assessment

Detailed assessment of interconnected devices and their server infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities at the level of firmware, network and applications.

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Red Teaming

Threat simulation based on threat analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures.

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Reacting to incidents

We cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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Digital forensics

Analysis of digital evidence of cybercrime, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report with a detailed description of all relevant findings.

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Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malicious files.

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