Penetration testing

Practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios that allow an attacker to bypass security measures in your corporate network and gain high privileges in important systems.

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Application security assessment

In-depth search for business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any type, from large cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment systems security assessment

Comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software components of various payment systems, identification of potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can lead to manipulation of financial transactions.

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ICS security assessment

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability assessment of industrial control systems and their components, providing an understanding of the existing attack surface and the corresponding impact of potential attacks on business.

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Intelligent technologies and safety assessment

Detailed assessment of interconnected devices and their server infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities at the level of firmware, network and applications.

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Red Teaming

Threat simulation based on threat analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures.

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Reacting to incidents

We cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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Digital forensics

Analysis of digital evidence of cybercrime, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report with a detailed description of all relevant findings.

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Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malicious files.

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Our approach

With our comprehensive approach, you can focus on your core business activities, knowing that your digital assets are secure and protected.

Thorough Analysis

We begin by deeply understanding your organization's infrastructure, applications, and operations. This comprehensive analysis forms the foundation of our tailored cybersecurity strategy.

Collaborative Planning

Your insights are invaluable. We work closely with your team to develop a security plan that aligns with your business goals and addresses your most pressing concerns.

How we work

  1. Choosing the testing option according to the goals
  2. Collecting information about the object and searching for critical vulnerabilities
  3. Preparation and direct imitation of attacks
  4. Development of an analytical report on the results of the study
  5. Taking action according to an individually developed program

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Protection areas

Our services are tailored to provide top-class protection in key areas. We understand the complexities of the cyber landscape and have developed specialized services to safeguard the most essential areas of enterprise risk.

App and data integrity

Your applications and data are critical assets. We protect them from exploitation and corruption, maintaining their integrity and confidentiality.

Network security

Safeguarding the backbone of your digital operations, we ensure your network is impervious to unauthorized access and data breaches.

Network security

Legal compliance

Navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity laws and regulations with ease. We ensure your operations comply with all legal requirements, avoiding costly penalties.

Financial transaction security

In the realm of digital transactions, security is paramount. We specialize in shielding your payment systems from fraud and manipulation.

Operational technology

Secure your industrial control systems and operational technology from targeted attacks that could disrupt critical services and production.


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, our approach offers distinct advantages. We understand that strong cybersecurity is not just a necessity but a strategic asset.

Cutting-Edge Expertise

Our team stays ahead of the curve, constantly updating our skills and knowledge to combat the latest cyber threats. We provide state-of-the-art solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer a full spectrum of cybersecurity services, ensuring every aspect of your digital presence is fortified against threats. From applications to payment systems, your security is our top priority.

Proactive Defense

Our services don't just identify vulnerabilities; they actively prevent future attacks. By anticipating emerging threats, we keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Customized Solutions

Every organization is unique, and so are our solutions. We customize our services to align with your specific business objectives and security requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Cybersecurity is an evolving challenge. We believe in continuous improvement, regularly updating our methodologies to tackle new threats and adapt to changing technologies.

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