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Comprehensive analysis, aimed at fortifying the vital components of your payment infrastructure. We meticulously evaluate hardware and software aspects, identify potential fraud scenarios, and uncover vulnerabilities that could compromise your financial transactions.

Issues faced by financial institutions


Fraudulent attacks aimed at stealing login credentials and customers' confidential information.

Data breach

Unauthorized access to databases, resulting in the leakage of personal and financial information..


Creating fake communications pretending to be from the bank to steal funds.


Disruption of online service availability and interruption of business continuity.

Cyber Threat Trends

The number of successful cyberattacks in the financial sector is increasing year over year. In the third quarter of 2023, twice as many unique cyber incidents were recorded compared to the same period in the previous year. This indicates heightened criminal interest in the sector.

Key consequences of cyberattacks include:

Disruption of services or key business processes. 64%
Data breach 40%

Criminals not only sell databases but also distribute them for free as a form of punishment against organizations that refuse to pay a ransom or draw more public attention to the incident, thereby inflicting more significant damage.

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Our solutions for Finance & Banking

Intrusion prevention systems

Anomaly detection (IDS/IPS) and protection against external attacks.

Data encryption

Ensuring the confidentiality of information during its transmission and storage.

Data encryption

Security audits and penetration testing

For identifying and addressing vulnerabilities.

Multi-factor authentication

Enhancing the security of access to client accounts.

Staff training

Raising awareness of cyber threats and methods for their prevention.

To protect you we utilize cutting-edge technologies and methods

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Forecasting and preventing fraudulent activities in real-time.


Ensuring transaction security and protection against data tampering.

Cloud technologies

Flexible and scalable solutions for data and application protection with high availability.

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