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Case Study: Restoring Security and Trust at a Romanian Hospital Following a Cyberattack


In a digital age where cybersecurity threats loom large, healthcare remains one of the most targeted industries. This case study details the critical incident faced by a Romanian hospital when its patient management system, Hipocrate, was compromised. We will explore how our team successfully mitigated the attack, restored the system, and reinforced the hospital’s defenses to prevent future incidents.


The hospital, one of the leading healthcare providers in Romania, relied on the Hipocrate system for managing patient records, appointments, and medical history. This system was integral to the hospital’s operations, making it a prime target for cybercriminals. The attack disrupted the hospital’s operational capabilities and posed a significant risk to patient privacy.

The Challenge

The cybersecurity breach was first detected when hospital staff noticed unusual system behavior, including slow access to records and unauthorized data modifications. The IT team quickly identified it as a ransomware attack, where the attackers demanded payment to restore access to the encrypted data. The immediate challenges were clear:

  1. Data Recovery: Securing and recovering sensitive data without yielding to the attackers’ demands.
  2. System Restoration: Quickly restoring system functionality to ensure operational continuity.
  3. Security Reinforcement: Implementing more robust security measures to prevent future attacks.

The Response

Our top experts specializing in healthcare were enlisted to tackle the crisis. Their approach was methodical and swift, involving the following key steps:

Immediate Containment

  • Incident Response Team Deployment: A team of experts was deployed onsite to assess the situation and initiate containment measures.
  • Isolation of Affected Systems: The affected parts of the network were isolated to prevent further spread.
  • Communication Protocols: Established clear lines of communication among all stakeholders, including hospital management, IT staff, and the cybersecurity team.

Data Recovery and System Restoration

  • Decryption and Recovery: Advanced decryption tools were utilized to restore access to encrypted files. Backups were also employed where decryption was not feasible.
  • System Updates and Patch Management: Updated and patched all systems to close any vulnerabilities exploited during the attack.
  • System Testing: Conducted rigorous testing to ensure all systems were fully functional and secure before going live.

Reinforcement of Security Measures

  • Advanced Threat Detection Tools: Implemented state-of-the-art threat detection solutions to monitor for malicious activities.
  • Employee Training: Conducted comprehensive cybersecurity training for all hospital staff, focusing on phishing awareness and safe internet practices.
  • Regular Security Audits: Scheduled periodic audits to assess the security posture of the hospital’s network and systems.

Outcome and Impact

The response was remarkably effective, with major operations restored within a short timeframe and no ransom paid to the attackers. The hospital experienced minimal disruption to patient care services, and no data was permanently lost. Moreover, the incident significantly strengthened the hospital’s cybersecurity measures, making it more resilient against future attacks.

Lessons Learned

This incident underscores the importance of preparedness and rapid response in managing cyber threats in the healthcare sector. Key takeaways include:

  • The Necessity of Regular Backups: Regular and secure backups are essential for data integrity and quick recovery.
  • Continuous Staff Training: Ongoing training can significantly enhance security by equipping staff with the knowledge to recognize and avoid potential threats.
  • Investment in Cybersecurity: Proactive investment in robust cybersecurity measures is critical to defend against and quickly respond to cyber incidents.


The Cyberprox team successfully mitigated the cyberattack on the Romanian hospital’s Hipocrate system, restored normal operations, and reinforced the hospital’s defenses against future cyber threats. This case study serves as a vital lesson for healthcare providers worldwide, emphasizing the importance of proactive cybersecurity strategies in protecting sensitive data and maintaining patient trust.

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