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Intelligent Technologies and Safety Assessment

Detailed examination of your interconnected devices and server infrastructure. We focus on uncovering vulnerabilities at the firmware, network, and application levels, ensuring your technology ecosystem is secure and resilient.

It is crucial to safeguard the interconnected devices and their server infrastructure.

Our service of Intelligent Technologies and Safety Assessment is dedicated to thoroughly detecting vulnerabilities across different layers, such as firmware, network, and applications.

This service is vital for organizations aiming to leverage smart technologies while maintaining strong security and operational reliability. Join us in paving the way for a secure and intelligent future, where safety and innovation go hand in hand.

We believe that safety and innovation should coexist seamlessly.

Join us in our endeavor to pave the way for a future where technological advancements are made with the highest standards of security in mind.

Embrace smart technologies with confidence, knowing that your digital landscape is safeguarded by our comprehensive Intelligent Technologies and Safety Assessment service.

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How AI helps us help you

In-depth device analysis

Assessing the security of interconnected devices, focusing on firmware vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Network security evaluation

Analyzing the network infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities, including insecure communication channels and network intrusion possibilities.

App-level security

Examining the applications associated with intelligent devices for security weaknesses, including data handling and user authentication processes.

Server infrastructure assessment

Evaluating the server infrastructure that supports your intelligent devices, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

Integration and interoperability

Assessing how different components of your intelligent technology ecosystem interact and the security implications of these interactions.

Comprehensive reporting

Providing detailed findings of the assessment along with actionable recommendations for enhancing the overall security posture.

Insights and reporting

Providing clear and comprehensive reports detailing findings and offering practical recommendations for mitigating risks.

Industries we serve

Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of a broad spectrum of industries.

Manufacturing Solutions

Customized services to enhance efficiency and security in manufacturing processes.

Healthcare Optimization

Tailored solutions addressing unique challenges in the healthcare industry.

Financial Sector Support

Specialized services to fortify security and streamline operations in finance.

Retail Industry Solutions

Comprehensive support to boost performance and security in the retail sector.

Energy Sector Advancements

Tailor-made solutions to optimize operations and security in the energy industry

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Cost Mitigation in Data Breaches

AI saves up to $3.81M per breach.

Breach Response Time

Organizations with AI identify and contain breaches 28 days faster, speeding up detection and containment by 27%.

Market Size

Global AI in cybersecurity market: USD 17.4B in 2022, projected to reach USD 102.78B by 2032, with a CAGR of 19.43% from 2023 to 2032.

Adoption Rate

51% of organizations expanded AI use in cybersecurity over the past two years.

Why you need it

Safeguard critical systems

Many interconnected devices are part of critical systems whose compromise can lead to significant operational disruptions.

Protect sensitive data

Ensuring the security of data processed and stored by intelligent technologies is crucial in preventing breaches.

Meet regulatory requirements

Ensuring the necessary standards and regulations that govern the security of intelligent technologies.

Protect reputation and trust

Maintaining the trust of customers and stakeholders by demonstrating a commitment to robust security measures.

Stay ahead of threats

The landscape of cyber threats is continually evolving, especially in the realm of intelligent technologies; regular assessments help you stay ahead.

Ensure continuity and resilience

Maintaining the durability and reliability of your technological infrastructure against emerging cyber threats is key to the stable development and growth of a business.

Other services

Discover a suite of additional cybersecurity solutions tailored to enhance and complement your security posture, creating a resilient, multi-layered defense against cyber threats.

Penetration testing

Practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios that allow an attacker to bypass security measures in your corporate network and gain high privileges in important systems.

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Application security assessment

In-depth search for business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any type, from large cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment systems security assessment

Comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software components of various payment systems, identification of potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can lead to manipulation of financial transactions.

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ICS security assessment

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability assessment of industrial control systems and their components, providing an understanding of the existing attack surface and the corresponding impact of potential attacks on business.

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Intelligent technologies and safety assessment

Detailed assessment of interconnected devices and their server infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities at the level of firmware, network and applications.

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Red Teaming

Threat simulation based on threat analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures.

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Reacting to incidents

We cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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Digital forensics

Analysis of digital evidence of cybercrime, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report with a detailed description of all relevant findings.

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Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malicious files.

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