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Comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions minimize risks and protect companies' valuable assets from cyber threats. The cybersecurity strategy constantly adapts to the evolving threat landscape and advancing technologies.

Identity and access management

Multi-factor authentication, restriction, and access control to critical systems and data.

Perimeter protection and network security

Firewalls, intrusion prevention and unauthorized access blocking systems. Network segmentation isolates and prevents the spread of attacks.

Data protection

Protecting data and ensuring confidentiality with encryption. Backup and recovery processes enable the restoration of data following incidents.

Threat detection and response

Monitoring suspicious activities by detection systems. Log analysis by incident management and threat response platforms.

Cloud security

Data protection in the cloud, from the cloud with cloud access security broker (CASB) technology.

Endpoint protection

Antivirus solutions protect devices from malware. EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) monitors and responds to threats at the endpoint level.

This is how we check your protection

  1. Choosing a testing option according to the goals
  2. Gathering information about the target and searching for critical vulnerabilities
  3. Preparation and direct simulation of attacks
  4. Developing an analytical report on the research findings
  5. Taking action according to an individually developed program

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