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Enhanced Security Level of a Transport Company: case

The transition to a remote work paradigm encapsulated through establishing a hybrid Security Operations Center (SOC) reflects a proactive and strategic approach to cybersecurity amid evolving work environments and increasing cyber threats.


We were tasked with enhancing the protection of critical business processes and ensuring comprehensive data protection across an expanding network of branches. The imperative was to meet stringent legal and security requirements while addressing the increased risk landscape due to external cyber threats and the transition to remote work.


Opting for a hybrid SOC model allowed organization A to balance in-house incident detection and event processing with an external service provider’s expertise and broader oversight. This decision was rooted in the need to comply with legal mandates and comprehensively improve the organization’s cybersecurity posture. By leveraging external expertise, organization A could enhance its responsiveness and resilience against cyber threats.


Key steps included transitioning to Windows Event Forwarding for efficient log collection, developing specialized event collectors for various operating systems, and conducting thorough penetration tests. These measures improved the cybersecurity infrastructure’s efficiency and effectiveness, enabling a more robust defense against cyber attacks.

Features and Innovations

Remote Work Integration: our team played a crucial role in seamlessly integrating the client’s IT infrastructure for secure remote access, primarily through implementing a sophisticated terminal farm solution. This innovative setup proved to be pivotal, offering more than just a simple transition to remote work; it provided a robust framework for uninterrupted productivity and comprehensive support throughout the challenging transition period.

By establishing a terminal farm, our team effectively created a centralized environment tailored to meet the unique needs of remote workers. This solution enabled employees to access essential resources and applications securely from any location, ensuring seamless collaboration and workflow continuity. Furthermore, the terminal farm implementation included stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive data and mitigate potential risks associated with remote access, thereby enhancing the overall resilience of the client’s IT infrastructure.

Overall, our innovative approach to remote work integration not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for long-term scalability and resilience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, we enabled the client to adapt seamlessly to the evolving demands of remote work while maintaining productivity, security, and operational efficiency.


Improved Security Posture. Integrating the hybrid SOC model markedly elevated the transport company’s security level. The collaboration between the client’s team and the service provider resulted in a system that allows for rapid decision-making and efficient incident response, ensuring 24/7 security vigilance.

Adaptation to Remote Work. The strategic enhancements to IT infrastructure supported a seamless transition to remote work, maintaining business processes without compromising data security. This adaptation was crucial in mitigating risks associated with the shift to home offices and complying with regulatory requirements.

Future-Ready Approach

The narrative concludes by positioning the company as ready to embrace the ongoing trend towards remote work, highlighting the importance of reliable digital security systems. CyberProx’s role in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions underscores the importance of expert assistance in navigating the complexities of digital security in a remote work era.

This holistic approach to establishing a hybrid SOC demonstrates a blend of strategic foresight, technical expertise, and adaptability. It’s a testament to the importance of cybersecurity in supporting modern, flexible work environments while ensuring the protection of critical information assets against evolving threats.

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