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Efficient Handling of Ransomware Incident and Enhancement of Cyber Defense Capabilities: case study

The client, a prominent logistics company, faced a ransomware attack during its cybersecurity enhancement phase. CyberProx played a crucial role in promptly managing the incident, providing round-the-clock threat visibility and management, and bolstering the company’s long-term cyber defenses.

The challenge

The logistics company was in the midst of deploying an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution to better understand and manage security alerts. This was part of a broader review of their cybersecurity approach, which included evaluating alert management by their non-dedicated security response team. They aimed to enhance their capabilities in a cost-effective manner with expert support in threat response. However, amid this rollout and discussion, the company experienced a ransomware attack and promptly engaged CyberProx for digital forensics and incident response services.

Strategic response

The Incident Response team at CyberProx quickly collaborated with the company to contain the threat and prevent further damage, while investigating the roots of the attack. We implemented continuous threat management, aligning with the company’s long-term security goals. This allowed the company to swiftly resume normal operations, with a newfound appreciation for the benefits of 24/7 security monitoring provided by our team. The company proceeded to integrate this solution into their broader security strategy, planning a full transition to their chosen EDR solution.

Hybrid collaboration model

The company adopted a hybrid, collaborative model, achieving a balance of control, visibility, and continuous support.

Key impacts of CyberProx involvement

  • prompt and effective incident response: CyberProx’s global network of security and digital forensics experts enabled quick management and mitigation of the ransomware attack, minimizing operational downtime.
  • thorough attack analysis and recovery: the in-depth analysis of the attack by CyberProx’s team provided crucial insights for recovery and identified key areas for security enhancement.
  • benefit from global threat intelligence: insights from CyberProx’s experience in handling numerous incidents enriched the company’s threat detection and response capabilities.
  • full-spectrum threat visibility: CyberProx responder’s versatile approach augmented the company’s threat detection across various platforms, from SIEM and EDR to vulnerability scanning.
  • optimized internal security team efficiency: the 24/7 monitoring capabilities of CyberProx responder augmented the in-house team’s focus on complex security tasks, with access to real-time frontline threat intelligence.
  • continuous service review and risk profiling: regular service reviews as part of the CyberProx responder MDR service kept the company up-to-date with evolving risks, reducing administrative overhead.

Long-term cyber resilience

The comprehensive approach by CyberProx, from incident response to ongoing monitoring and intelligence, has significantly equipped the company to effectively counter future cyber threats, laying a robust foundation for their continuing cybersecurity strategy.

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