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Enhancing cybersecurity for a hospitality company: case

A prominent hospitality company, aiming to grow globally and bolster its reputation, sought to elevate its cybersecurity maturity. Opting for CyberProx managed detection and response service, the client achieved significant improvements in security monitoring across its hybrid infrastructure, enabling faster threat response.

Challenge: scaling security with growth ambitions

As the hospitality company set its sights on becoming an industry leader, aligning its security measures with its expansion goals was crucial. With operations spanning the globe, the company faced intricate security challenges. An internal audit highlighted areas for improvement, especially the need for active network monitoring to expedite threat detection and response. The company’s diverse infrastructure included specialized point-of-sale systems and legacy IT systems, operated with limited in-house resources for continuous monitoring. Coordinating cybersecurity functions worldwide and updating infrastructure as part of a long-term IT strategy added to the challenge. The management of the company noted the invaluable role of CyberProx experts in providing round-the-clock insights for threat identification and mitigation.

Solution: agile and comprehensive security support

In response to the audit, the company sought a dynamic security partner while building a new internal security team. After a thorough evaluation of several managed security providers, CyberProx was selected for its exceptional MDR service. CyberProx, blending expert personnel, advanced detection technologies, and current threat intelligence, significantly enhanced the company’s visibility into its hybrid infrastructure and reduced both detection and response times to threats.

The impact: resilient and proactive security posture

Improved resilience: partnering with CyberProx fortified the company’s infrastructure, aiding in its expansion strategy and reinforcing its industry leadership ambition.

Proactive threat monitoring: the company transitioned from having no out-of-hours security to 24/7 monitoring and threat hunting through our global security operations centers, greatly enhancing its resilience.

Scaled-up security capabilities: CyberProx Responder enabled swift scaling of security measures, ensuring the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.

Supplementary security expertise: collaboration with our team, including regular updates from a dedicated program manager, strengthened the company’s security strategy.

Enhanced situational awareness: through monthly service reports and regular reviews from CyberProx, the company’s security team gained deeper insights and continuous improvements in security posture.

Improved compliance: collaboration with CyberProx facilitated compliance with various information security regulations and standards, including SOC2, GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.


This case exemplifies how comprehensive cybersecurity solutions can empower businesses to meet their expansion goals while maintaining a secure and compliant digital environment. Our team’s expertise in managing complex security challenges ensures that organizations can confidently pursue growth without compromising on cybersecurity. For companies facing similar challenges, CyberProx stands ready with top-notch technology and a skilled team to secure their digital journey.

If you are in need of handling a digital threat, want to enhance the digital security of your company or educate your employees about the topic, we are at your service. Contact CyberProx today and get your expert solution.

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