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ICS Security Assessment

Our ICS Security Assessment service offers specialized, case-specific analysis to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your ICS infrastructure. We provide deep insights into the potential attack surface and the corresponding impact of threats on your business.

The surge in ICS-targeted malware and security breaches, coupled with a rise in device vulnerabilities, emphasizes the urgent need for enhanced ICS security.

Integration with platforms like ERP systems amplifies this urgency, and the tight link between ICS security and operational safety heightens the risk of production mishaps due to successful cyber attacks.

Our concise assessment ensures the resilience of your industrial control systems, safeguarding critical operations against evolving cyber threats.

Cyberprox's ICS security experts, with diverse experience in assessing various industrial components, customize services for in-depth analysis.

From field-level equipment to ERP systems, we thoroughly examine and understand your industrial processes.

Rooted in continuous security research, our commitment extends to some of the largest and most complex global networks.

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ICS technical audit provided by our experts

ICS experts at Cyberprox conduct a comprehensive range of evaluations to assess the current security measures in place within your ICS network and environment. Using a blend of visual inspections, discussions with key staff, and checks of configuration settings across all ICS components, our team undertakes the following:

Network Security Analysis

Assess isolation among controllers, servers, and workstations for robust network architecture.

Update Procedures Review

Scrutinize update methods and software usage for secure, up-to-date systems.

Privilege & Account Security

Identify user accounts, assess admin privileges, and enhance account security.

Firewall Rule Inspection

Review and optimize firewall rules for fortified network defenses.

Password Policy Evaluation

Assess password policies for enhanced security.

Management Interface Analysis

Assess PLCs, switches, and router interface security.

How we work

Tailored treat modeling

Developing case-specific threat models to understand the unique risks facing your ICS environment.

Vulnerability assessment

Conducting comprehensive evaluations to identify vulnerabilities in your ICS components and infrastructure.

Impact analysis

Assessing the potential impact of identified vulnerabilities and threats on your business operations and industrial processes.

Compliance check

Ensuring your ICS complies with industry standards and regulations, such as ISA/IEC 62443.

Security architecture review

Examining the architecture of your ICS for security weaknesses and recommending enhancements.

Incident response planning

Assisting in the development or refinement of incident response plans for ICS-specific security incidents.

Insights and reporting

Providing clear and comprehensive reports detailing findings and offering practical recommendations for mitigating risks.

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Why you need it

Protect critical infrastructure

ICS are often at the heart of critical industrial processes, and their security is essential to prevent operational disruptions.

Meet standards and compliance

Meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements is crucial in maintaining operational legitimacy and avoiding penalties.

Mitigate risks

Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in ICS can significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks and their potential business impact.

Enhance operational reliability

A secure ICS environment ensures the reliability and continuity of industrial operations.

Ensure stakeholder confidence

Demonstrating a commitment to ICS security strengthens the trust of customers, partners, and regulatory bodies.

Adapt to evolving threats

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and regular assessments ensure your defenses remain effective against new threats.

Other services

Discover a suite of additional cybersecurity solutions tailored to enhance and complement your security posture, creating a resilient, multi-layered defense against cyber threats.

Penetration testing

Practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios that allow an attacker to bypass security measures in your corporate network and gain high privileges in important systems.

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Application security assessment

In-depth search for business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any type, from large cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment systems security assessment

Comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software components of various payment systems, identification of potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can lead to manipulation of financial transactions.

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ICS security assessment

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability assessment of industrial control systems and their components, providing an understanding of the existing attack surface and the corresponding impact of potential attacks on business.

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Intelligent technologies and safety assessment

Detailed assessment of interconnected devices and their server infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities at the level of firmware, network and applications.

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Red Teaming

Threat simulation based on threat analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures.

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Reacting to incidents

We cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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Digital forensics

Analysis of digital evidence of cybercrime, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report with a detailed description of all relevant findings.

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Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malicious files.

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