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Innovative security solutions for the energy sector: a case study

We received a request from a high-status client, a prominent player in the oil and gas engineering industry, renowned for their production of complex metal structures. Tasked with a critical challenge, we were approached to design and implement an advanced perimeter protection system for three of their new facilities. This project was not just about ensuring the secure operation of their services but also about safeguarding their interactions with external services and the internet. Here is a detailed overview of how we addressed their needs and delivered a comprehensive, cutting-edge security solution.


The company needed to develop and implement a comprehensive perimeter protection system for three newly established facilities. This system was essential for safeguarding the accessibility of published services, as well as for the secure usage of external services and the internet by their employees.

Approach and solution

Our previous experience involved creating a multifunctional, reliable security system for another client. This project required us to showcase our expertise in information security.

We proposed an all-encompassing information security solution to the client, grounded in the latest research and case studies. Through a detailed workshop, we demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach by showcasing the performance of a similar system we operate.

The security system implemented comprised various components

  1. A firewall to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic.
  2. Protection of email traffic to guard against malware and spam.
  3. Web traffic security measures.
  4. Access control mechanisms for the corporate network.
  5. A module to ensure network connectivity and maintain fault tolerance.
  6. A module enabling secure corporate network access for employees and partners.

Despite the delayed delivery of encrypted equipment, we initiated a “fast start” strategy to mitigate any potential delays, ultimately accelerating the project timeline by two to three months.

Our solution involved:

– Secure internet access for employees.

– Comprehensive email protection.

– Safe remote employee connectivity via Remote Access VPN with two-factor authentication.

– SSL traffic security.

– Integration of branch networks into a unified corporate network (VPN).

– Fault tolerance through backup communication channels, providers, and equipment.


The client successfully standardized information security policies across the three facilities. This standardization included uniform user group rights, blacklisted web resources, traffic filtering protocols, and routine virus scans. Employees from all three locations gained simplified access to the corporate network.

Implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions resulted in robust perimeter protection at the time of deployment, ensuring a secure and efficient working environment.

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