Red Teaming

Red Teaming is our advanced threat simulation service designed to test and evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures. By adopting an attacker’s perspective, we provide a realistic assessment of how well your organization can withstand sophisticated cyber attacks.

Bearing the burden of ensuring an organization's comprehensive security is a daunting task, especially considering that any system, employee, user, or vendor could inadvertently provide hackers with direct access to your most secure data.

Red Teaming as a Service (RTaaS) by CyberProx  offers you access to a team of seasoned offensive security experts with red team skills, ensuring that you achieve optimal results from your engagements

RTaaS from CyberProx provides essential insights that enable you and your security team to fully grasp the vulnerabilities in your ecosystem from the perspective of a potential adversary.

Enhance the capabilities of your internal blue team with specialized advice for DevOps remediation, bolstering your cyber resilience and helping you achieve your security goals more quickly and efficiently.

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Actionable insights from Red Teaming experts

CyberProx Red Teaming service collaborates with your internal security team, providing comprehensive insights across your entire ecosystem:
  1. Robust incident response and detection
    • Strengthen vulnerabilities and equip your team for incident response and detection, creating a defense that hackers can't easily penetrate.
  2. Strategic insights and recommendations
    •  Benefit from the unique and critical insights gained from Red Teaming exercises, providing you with a strategic advantage against cyber threats in today's constantly changing threat environment.
  3. Ensuring organizational safety and avoiding breach headlines
    • Experience the assurance that comes with proactive measures to safeguard your organization, keeping you away from becoming the subject of the latest security breach news.
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How we work

Threat analysis and planning

Conducting a thorough analysis of potential threats and designing realistic attack scenarios tailored to your organization.

Multi-layered attack simulation

Executing a series of controlled and sophisticated attacks across various layers – from physical security to network and application layers.

Security monitoring evaluation

Testing your organization's ability to detect and respond to malicious activities, assessing the effectiveness of your security monitoring tools.

Incident response assessment

Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of your incident response procedures during and after the simulated attacks.

Social engineering tests

Including targeted phishing campaigns, pretexting, and other social engineering tactics to assess employee awareness and response.

Reporting and debriefing

Providing detailed insights into the security vulnerabilities uncovered, along with actionable recommendations for improvement.

Follow-up and improvement planning

Assisting in developing strategies to address identified issues and enhance your overall security posture.

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4 Main Phases of Red Teaming Execution

Understanding Your Threat Environment

Comprehensively assess your threat landscape, identify high-value targets, and develop specific attack scenarios with constructed attack trees.

Lateral Movement Within the Network

Execute various attack scenarios, take control of systems, observe operations, and adapt strategies based on defensive measures.

Data Extraction and Analysis Reporting

Elevate access privileges, document administrator activities, maintain a record of actions, and explore alternative attack routes and strategies.

Establishing an Internal Presence

Establish command and control infrastructure, execute data extraction procedures, and compile detailed observations into a comprehensive report.

Why you
need it

Real-world security assessment

Red Teaming provides a realistic perspective on how well your organization can defend against actual cyber attacks.

Identify hidden vulnerabilities

Uncover weaknesses in your security that standard testing methods might not reveal.

Strengthen incident response

Enhance your team’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to security incidents.

Employee awareness and training

Increase security awareness among employees, an often overlooked aspect of cybersecurity.

Compliance and risk management

Address regulatory requirements and manage risks more effectively.

Continuous improvement

Foster a culture of continuous improvement in cybersecurity practices and protocols.

Other services

Discover a suite of additional cybersecurity solutions tailored to enhance and complement your security posture, creating a resilient, multi-layered defense against cyber threats.

Penetration testing

Practical demonstration of possible attack scenarios that allow an attacker to bypass security measures in your corporate network and gain high privileges in important systems.

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Application security assessment

In-depth search for business logic errors and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any type, from large cloud solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

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Payment systems security assessment

Comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software components of various payment systems, identification of potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can lead to manipulation of financial transactions.

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ICS security assessment

Case-specific threat modeling and vulnerability assessment of industrial control systems and their components, providing an understanding of the existing attack surface and the corresponding impact of potential attacks on business.

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Intelligent technologies and safety assessment

Detailed assessment of interconnected devices and their server infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities at the level of firmware, network and applications.

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Red Teaming

Threat simulation based on threat analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures.

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Reacting to incidents

We cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization.

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Digital forensics

Analysis of digital evidence of cybercrime, leading to the creation of a comprehensive report with a detailed description of all relevant findings.

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Malware Analysis

Providing you with a complete picture of the behavior and functionality of specific malicious files.

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